Well ive been looking into getting a new amp, and been trying some out, was looking at the laney vc-30 or the peavey valveking, but there around £300ish, and i can bump my limit to about £600, and was wondering if theres anything significantly better around that price, I would prefer a combo. I play various from hillsong/delerious (church stuff) to dream theater/metallica.

Edit* ok, i have another post, and im now thinking about splashing out abit more for the mark IV, since it will only take a month or so to get it, and i figure once i got that, i wont need to upgrade again.
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Man, let me tell you...
...the Carvin Legacy can do it all! Want metal? Legay's got it! Want jazz? Legacy's got it! Need a sparkling clean tone? Legacy's got it! Blues? Go Legacy! Yes, I have one--I now swear by it. When that one decides to go to the great amp graveyard, I'll buy another.
The Carvin legacy aint too easy to get in the UK, and costs about £725 for the head, so little overbudget
I just looked at it, and it looks amazing, gona see if how it sounds, but yeah also tryna see how easy it is to get over here, and how much it cost's in pounds as oppose to dollars.
Orange Rocker 30, maybe?
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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The Engl Screamer combo is another option that you might want to consider, costs about £700