hey guys, quick question, ive just got some Dunlop Dual Design Straplocks, and in the manual, it said to regularly lubricate the ball bearings and the locking pin....is this really necessary? what would happen if i dont do it?

oh, and as a side question, what do u guys think of the Dunlop Dual Design Straplocks? are they any good?

Usually stuff like that's just an ass covering exercise. Why don't you just get some of those cheap plastic ones for £3?
yeah they work and no u dont have to ive had mine over a year and they are fine
I use Schaller straplocks.. better than the cheap metal/leather rings, but cheaper than Dunlops... £10.

Tbh, you probably won't need to lube them ever.. and they probably don't even come lubed up.
When they start getting really old, it becomes more difficult to push the strap section all the way into the guitar section. This has resulted in several headstock breakages after the strap section slipped out while playing.

If they every become noticeably more difficult to work with, hit them with some lube.
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