So lately I've been checking out NextLevelGuitar.com since I had to drop my lessons due to not being able to dish out 25 bucks a week after all this other stuff I have to pay off ... so I couldn't get pass more than one lesson because of that sadly.

So until then I was going to refer back to online lessons to help me out, so I saw NextLevelGuitar.com and was recommended to it by a few people, and I can atleast afford 29 a month rather than 25 a week, so question is, is it worth it, and is it better than something I can just get for free? Thank you.
if you can afford it I'd recommend shelling out for a human teacher even if it's just once a month; the progress that can be made with a human being is almost incomparable to just sitting on your own practicing exercises.
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so no use in Next Level Guitar then?

only until I have the funds once more for a real teacher weekly ofcourse
Yeah Justin's good, for the record David South, the guy who does Next Level Guitar does some cool free stuff on You Tube, I just find his saying 'Rock on good people' every time just a bit annoying.
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