Is it possible to connect my Boss ME20 straight into a cab without the head or do you need the head for a power boost.
You need the head..
Cabs don't operate on their on.
Heads also won't work on their own.

Atleast I think so anyway..
The head is the amplifier. You need to amplify sound for it to be audible. You can work out the rest.
You need the head to power the cab, and the cab to take energy away from the head so it wont blow up. A head on its own has no speaker therefor no musaikz.

That's extremely simplified...
But, always remember to match the head and cab too.

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It's perfectly "possible" to connect your ME20 to a cab without an amp. Whether or not anything will happen when you do is a completely different story.
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Quote by Moe.
He's talking about ohm's and watts.

All I know is the more ohms the less watts. so do you need to match the watts of the head to the cab?? and what about ohms.
Quote by andrewpledger
All I know is the more ohms the less watts.


You can have an 8 ohm speaker that only handles 25 watts or a 16 ohm speaker that handles 150. As far as a guitar player should be concerned there's no direct connection between power handling (watts) and impedance (ohms).
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What you need to do is make sure that the cab's power handling is more than the output of the amplifier you're using (don't buy a 30 watt cab if you plan on running a 50 watt head), and make sure that the cab has an input that matches the impedance on one of the amplifier's outputs (don't buy a 4 ohm cab if the amp only has a 16 ohm output).

Trust me, this is far easier than you're making it out to be.
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