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Wrote this song after an emo moment XP Comments and criticism pleasee =P

And I actually sang and played the chorus of this song, only the chorus though, and it's not fixed yet XP

U can find it in My Mp3's on my profile =)

Damn Fustration by Lex

Verse 1

Inside of her, she’s bleeding away,

The pain again, so frequently,

The tears, threaten, to overspill.

Whenever she thinks of him…

All she wants is to hold me close,

To laugh like they once did…

But she can’t,

And she knows,

And she won’t…


So much damn frustration,

of yearning for what she can’t have.

She says nothing, says that it’s hopeless.

But deep inside,

She hopes and she cries.

She know it’s just too much emotion,

Not practical at all.

But still, she follows true to her heart.

Verse 2

She’s confused by the actions and reactions.

Mixed hope, dread and wounds reawakened.

She chokes, wanting answers,

He smiles, not replying.

And the cycle repeats itself,

The pain… Once again.

So now she’s scared,

She’s still a child in her heart.

And though she shys away from him,

She still hopes her dreams will one day come true.



So she reaches out to him,

But her skin burned raw,

Can suffer no more.

And she’s learnt her lesson,

Her own sad conclusion.

Lost in the lies,

She rests.

Tired of tears,

She closes her eyes.

Sick of the pain,

She sleeps…

Yet in her sleep, She still dreams…

Of him.

And that is how, she falls to her knees,

And she falls,

and she falls,

and she falls…

*Chorus* x2
didn't listen to the song (chorus) yet (damn school pc's, don't have sound here :P ), but i like the text aloooooot

i know exactly what you mean, i also have these ''emo'' moments (they suck BIGtime)..about pretty much the same subject as this. When i have these moments, i write, pretty much the same like this. It's like if i could have written this, it fits exactly in my current situation, every freaking word..

Don't think there is much to improve (about the text)..It's great imo, if it fits in the song of course..didn't hear it yet
Lol. Well, actually a friend of mine wanted to collabo with me in this song =P He wants to make it a lil more rockish since he says I turn it into a "girl song" everytime I sing XP Ah well, I hope the chorus suits XP If not, I'll just scrap it and change =P

ANYways, thx! =P At first I felt all confused and stuff, but when I wrote it out I was like, hey, this is what I'm actually feeling XP