I have an original 1987 Ibanez RG550. I love it to death and I was wondering if a new set of pickups would make it sound even better. It sounds good atm but could definately sound better. The original pickups are in this guitar, sorry but im not sure what they are, but I think they are ibanez made.

My guitar: http://calgary.craigslist.ca/msg/597009671.html

I play mostly rock music, alternative (muse, smashing pumkins), grungy stuff like the vines and nirvana and other stuff like the living end, foo fighters, I also dabble in blues and metal but not so worried about this stuff. I also want good cleans.
I am happy with the sound I have now but im very interested to know if I can improve it.

I dont want to pay more than $70 USD a pickup and I want to be able to purchase it from guitar centre because my brother would be buying it for me and he knows nothing about guitars.


P.S. I think this is the correct forum, sorry if its not
That's one nice guitar...

I dunno if it'll come in as cheap as under 70$, but try a set of Dimarzio PAF Pros.
ok Im really not knowledgable about pickups so just tell me if im wrong. But I was looking at putting a Dimarzio either super distortion or tone zone in the bridge and a PAF pro on the neck. Would that work for me do you think? and Im not sure about the single coil in the middle?
I'd stick with the super distortion for your use. PAF pro in the neck would be good.

As for the single coil, I'm no expert I'm afraid. I'll let someone knowledgeable come along