They don't rhyme, have no title whatsoever but the individual
parts do connect into a small story if you want them to.
Or you can just read them seperately, if you like that better.
Btw: this is all work in progress for my solo project.

enjoy (:

A girl made of stiches, a heavenly vehicle crashed in the sky,
clouds are the traces of her journey back to heaven.
Even without injecting that infected needle she poisened me,
nailed me to a cross of guilt like a butterfly
stabbed through the wings but still alive enough to crawl.
i want to turn to ashes in her arms like a vampire at sunrise,
arise a thousand shimmering stars spilt on a black canvas
like the sparks in her eyes or the freckles on her shoulder.

If she’s the nicotine wrapped in a small paper,
i'm the smoke twisting of that sensual cigarette.
A bullet passing through her head from side to side,
i imagine the beautiful red as she closes her eyes motionless.
The shockwave makes the bonfire halo surrounding angel hair
spread like a pulse of flame and fury; it burns my sinning face.

Let this silent smile mask a maniacs grin.
i could buy the world from all the lies i’ve sold,
repay in ungratefulness and disrespect.
Just leave it all behind, burn to the ground
what’s left of my shattered decency.
The pieces lay scattered on the ground, broken and wilted,
innocently fragile like a flower cut with broken glass.
I present her my soul, naked in the cup of my trembling hands,
frozen by fear deeper than the harshest of winters.

The last day of the year she shows me distorted perfection,
parts her legs with the grace of an eagle spreading its wings.
Her kisses taste like ash, her fingers skeletal keys to heaven
or at least a place where lust is forbidden.

She uses long red nails to cut through black tape and skin,
sees the hunger in my eyes, tastes the lust in my blood.
Tell me how bad you want to f*ck me she moans vividly
as the machette chills the side of my neck.
i’m gasping through my gag, fallen victim to her hunger.
Buried deep inside me she lay her lovely eggs.
Exposed in broken flesh the larvae grow,
let them feast on my body, let my life decay for you.