okay so my band has one guitarist (me), and i have heaps of ideas for rhythm guitars, but of course, we only have one guitarist.

now my bass player is pretty good, and i dont want him to just play like a normal bass player (under everything else), i want the bass to be as loud as the guitar + drums.

So i had an idea that i believe is loaded with originality, danger and craziness.

that is right people, i propose that my bass player, plays his bass, like a rhythm guitarist *crowd gasps*.

Not chords or anythin, but like wif tonnes of effects, and not ur typical bass movements.

good idea. much?

your feedback is appriciated

EDIT: okay... so its not that new....
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Not really a new idea tbh.

It could work.
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Not exactly new or crazy.

Nor is it that interesting imo.

Distorted bass is already common enough.
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It's always nice to see a bassist do something more than root notes, that's for sure.

Get him to listen to some Muse and Tool. Muse for cool bass riffs that work with lead guitar work and Tool for some nice work and some FX stuffs.
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Most bass is meant as rhythm, it's just underused because of the overuse of powerchord based rhythm guitar.

A bass player isn't supposed to just play the root of the rhythm guitarists powerchords. They're meant to organise the rhythm themselves.
That's what my band does, I think the bass playing rhythm makes it easier to write, and the bass doesn't get lost in the guitars sound. Also it means less stuff to haul around, one less person to split gig money with, and one less thing to worry about.
The trouble with bass rhythm is that you have to keep it high pitched or play slowly. Lower tones often get lost in a muddy noise.

If your bass player is really good, but I mean really really good, show him this:

Never mind if you don't speak french. Just listen and enjoy. This guy downtuned his lowest string and plays asynchronically bass and melody on one guitar.
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what sort of band are you? like funk? or heavy stuff or what...

We're a hard rock, alternative sort of band. We don't really fit under just the one genre, because we all like different bands.
I'm in a band with one guitar and it sounds fine with clean bass
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When I play bass with any other band, I play chords, partly because I learned to play bass while listening to Motorhead, but also because it just creates one helluva big sound that covers the need for a rhythm guitarist nicely.
hate to break it to you, but you're not the first person to ever think of not having a rhythm guitarist but having a bassist.
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not new at all
lots of bands do it
also with a full bass tone you dont need loads of effects
but if you really want a second guitar sound your bassist could split his signal like this"
one normal clean bass sound and the other with an octave pedal plus the pedal that makes it sound like power chords(i dont remeber the name or anything) and play it with a guitar amp and OD
or you could just have a full bass sound wich will be alot easier
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i once saw a band with 3 drummers, 2 bass players and a guitar. they had a pretty good sound...
erm...green day? one guitar(ish) and a bass..
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Yeah, Rush does. So does Green Day. As does Triumph. And Blink 182. Ozzy is another big one. I don't know about now, but Randy was his only guitarist back in the day, and bass played a big part.

There's 5 for ya'
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Tiger army. The bass is more like lead while the guitar is rhythm.
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