Thomann.de has the Futura and Les Paul models available at only £309, compared to around £500 in most other places.

Just a heads up if anyone's interested.
im not a fan of metal guitars or active pickups but that does look like an awful lot of awesomeness for the price
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Quote by zwound

Look at the first les paul...gorgeous, and with original gibson pups!

Gibson Dirty Fingers. Are those good? If it had something like Burstbuckers or '57s then you can be sure it sounds good, but Dirty Fingers?

Aparently they were only reissued for Tom Delonge's guitar. They were out of production for, like, 20 years.
Good point.

I was always bothered by the fact that all epiphones had the same pickups. They're good guitars, in my opinion, just they all sounded pretty much the same. New and better pickups is always a good change.
well the futara and the em with trems have OFR's so good guitar i wish that they made a hardtail futura with normal pickups not active's
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