I've been playing some acoustic in open E for a while (under the influence of Bob Dylan's Blood on the Tracks album) Well, actually I tune to open D and put a capo on the second fret, but that's the same thing, right? What are some basic chord fingerings in open D or E tuning? Here are some I have so far:
Open E:
Am: xx5450
Bsus4: x07877
B: x07777
E: 054000
C#m: 020020
G#m: xx4340
A: 020120
B11: x02100
B9/11: x02120
Aadd9: 020100

Okay, some of them are beyond basic, but what have you guys got?
some quickly generated with powertab
in open E

G 303303
C x10x10
C7 x10210
Bm x02332
Bm7 x02132
B x02342
Em7 033300
F#7 220220