I saw Dimebag playing one and it sounded cool, and since I don't have a place for loud real drum sets, I thought it would be nice. How much would a good one be, out of curiosity.
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they get pretty expensive, about the price of a real set (unless you buy a cheap sears one or something)
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i think its about $1000-1500 for a decent one
something like that, but i love messing around with the different sounds you can get
they're expensive but they're kinda nice because you can turn down the volume, so you can keep it down at night or jam with someone who just has a practice amp with them
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my bro has a Roland digital kit, it was about $1500 Australian (at the time the aussie dollar equalled about 80 US cents, so make of that what you will). It's kind of good because you can play a bit softer (although you do still make enough noise hitting the pads that even with head[hones, you can't really play when others are sleeping...) and they do sound very realistic, with a bunch of different kits, but the setup's not exactly the same as an acoustic kit. Still, it does work in an enivronment where you can't be noisy, because they are definitely softer, and also pack up pretty compact.
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Can you get them with double kicks?

Yeah, roland has this little add on which is just another pedal, then the mallet itself attaches to the one kick drum pad to save room and I guess money (that way you don't need a second pad). The new sets with the all mesh drum heads are nice too, the mesh feels a lot more like an acoustic kit than the old rubber pads. My bro has a mesh snare drum head, but the rest are rubber and feel a bit odd.