Ok, so I ordered this last week and it will be here around monday - I can't wait.


What do you think?
It's a guitar I would like to have on my wall, but not use it for shows. I am more to fender telecaster look :P
Quote by stradivari310
Cool. That's fully hollow, right?

It's actually about as thick as a 335, and also has a sustain block going through it so it's a semi with the visual vibe of an ES-175, or 137, but the performance of a 335. I'm looking forward to getting it but I'm buying blind. The only reason I done this is that I bought this guitar so cheap (as well as brand new) that if I dislike it so much that I want to sell it, I can make some real good money back on it, and go for what I was originally looking for.

Just out of interest, as these don't come with hardcases, do you know what size I should buy? Will it fit a 335 case?