Haha, anyone who has been folowing my threads over the past few months will be thinking 'what the hell is wrong with this guy' anyways :P
Ive been looking into getting a new amp for a while, and luckily i came here first (coz before i did, i thought marshals were the best amps in the world :O) after a while of getting advice and trying out amps i decided i would probaly have gotten a VC-30, but that was when my limit was like 300ish pounds, and its realy begin to hit me how much of the sound comes from the amp not the guitar, and i have realy fallen in love with the mark IV Thing is, they cost alot :S
But i figure i would probaly get one at the end of next tax year once i get my tax rebate, coz that will more than cover it, and for now i would just get sumin like the vc-30. But now im thinking to hold off for a month or 2 and get a mark IV second hand (never thought i would do that)
Do you guys think that is a good idea, also, i kinda want a combo, is there much diference between the combo and the stack? if the stack is significantly better then obviously ill get that! I also dont have much experience buying used, any tips on what to avoid, or how to make sure im getting a good deal?
Cheers in advance! Phil
Itl be for home use and church use, And also, i have a marshall 2x12 cab, which probaly wont make the mark IV sound anything like it should, but may get a cab if i get the head unit (only a half stack, dont need a full)
How much will you be able to get it used?

The Mark IV is a great amp, but since you're talking in terms of pounds, there's amps you can buy that are cheaper and just as versatile.
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Im not sure, ive looked, and ive seen on ebay for 1000 pounds, that seems very cheap, so im not sure weather i should trust it (but also that depends on when i get the money if theres still offers like that on ebay or stuff)
The Mark IV is an outstanding amp...if you're going for heavier tones, I highly recommend the head, so you can run a CLOSED BACK cab with it. Makes a world's difference.

But, I'm not so sure a Mesa is the best deal in Europe...prices are REALLY jacked up out there.

If you can find it for a good price, I'd jump on it.