So, anyways, I'm browsing around for a good guitar to suit my style, and I stumbled upon something that looks amazing.


A few questions:

Any predictions on whether or not this will be good? I'm really interested in it.

Are Dirty Fingers Pickups any good? What kind of sound do they produce?

Can someone help explain Coil Tapping? I know they make your humbucker sound like a single coil, but I'm not quite sure what this means? I'm a total guitar noob, so forgive me.
the specs of the new epiphones are pretty awesome.
dirty fingers are alil hotter than orginal Gibson humbuckers .
coil tapping means spilting the humbucker into 2 and using one for a single coil .
Check out Tom DeLonge sound in late Blink 182(take of your pants and jacket and newer) or in Angels and Airwaves...he uses only bridge dirty finger.
I count them as good ones.
and yea...
Coil Tapping is that you ''turn off'' one side of humbucker so it becomes a single coil and it sounds quite like it.
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Think of a more stratocasterish sound. That's single coil. A nice clean sound essentially.
Awesome, Epi's new 2008 lineup looks great. I'm not sure whether I should go for the SG or the LP. The LP has 24 frets, apparently...
Well, what amp do you have, and what is your current guitar?
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