I just got my permit today and the picture sucks...

I guess it's not really that bad, but it could have been better. I thought I was smiling differently.
^ Thats pretty much just a smirk.

So UG, I want to see your bad license photos, or any other important pictures like that.
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Everyone laughs at mine. I look like I look like I'm 14 or something.
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you look like the guy from arctic monkeys


Mine looks REALLY dated. I've got my hair straightened and I've got stuble and everything.

Nowadays, my hair is long and messy and I've gained a pound or two on the face.
In mine I was stoned ****less so when the flash went off I was like "WAAAAAA!"
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Dude...its supposed to be a mugshot. Don't smile.

Yeah I heard that, but I tried anyway.

No pics yet?
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I'd post mine 'cause i look relaly drugged up... but i don't like the idea of posting my LICENCE photo on the internet.
Just cut off all of the information in paint or something, thats what I did.
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I think it's stupid that you can ge a driving liscene when you're 16. Here it's 18.

I look cranky on mine.
This is just my learner's permit, you have to be at least 17 to get a full license.
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I think it should be much harder to get a license.

Truth is all they want is your cash for Insurance, those ridiculously expensive license tags and the rest of the shit they charge you for.

Example: my wife can't drive worth a damn.

I had to tell her she has a rear defroster!!

...otherwise she's really smart, but when it comes to driving, Jesus. I shudder in horror.
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I'll post mine in awhile. I was about to smile, then the stupid woman took the picture and wouldn't let me take another one.
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