Hey guys, I need help with school. I need to know what kind of impact woodstock made, because I can only find statistics and that kind of stuff. I sort of know what impact it made, but I haven't read it on the interrnet yet, so any help would be appreciated
a bunch of hippies got really stoned and had an orgy in a big field, there where a bunch of bands playing, after this middle America was like "oh wow that looks fun" thus the hippie movement became mainstream and died because of it.
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IMO, it really proved nothing.

It was a massive festival full of some of the best and most popular (mostly the latter) of that time, and had one of the biggest turnouts for any event ever.

That's it. It didn't break any kind of ground, or achieved some miraculous goal, or did anything earth shattering other than show how NOT to layout a festival grounds (lack of sufficient bathrooms, etc.). It was a big event, and historical, but it's only historical because it was so huge.

But, that's just my opinion.
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Well I suppose it made people more aware of their times. If you where watching the news from home back then it probably would have been a wake up call. It was really something big for its time but compared to today something like that wouldn't be as great unless it had a similar mind set. That was the big thing back then, the mind set. Kids thought they could seriously change the world and gathering like that was an uber moral booster.
It was a huge gathering of presumptuous hippies who thought they were making a change or their mark felt by attending a concert of artists who also mostly followed the hippies philosophy, but in the end it proved to be a wasteful music concert and I guess the hippie movement lost a lot of momentum after that.
Personally I think if Woodstock happened today it would be no more "revolutionary" than another Ozzfest or Lollapalooza or whatever...

It was a matter of timing and being first (at least to popular culture at large).

I expect that the level of drug use and sexual behavior at the event has been embellished as embellishment is the rule, with accuracy being the rare exception.

Were drugs taken? Yes.

Did people have sex? Of course.

But if you and I suddenly *popped* into Woodstock, we'd be surprised at how mundane it actually was - relatively speaking.
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Its impact was due to its novelty...

Kind of like the Beatles performance on TV in the early 60's. Nobody screams in music, that's terrible!!

Imagine if it was some devastating Black Metal complete with a pentagram.
"Virtually no one who is taught Relativity continues to read the Bible."