I'm trying to learn how to properly set the intonation with an original Floyd Rose tremolo using the Floyd Rose intonation tool.

The question I have is this. I notice when the guitar is laying flat with the strings up vs when the guitar is vertical as if one was playing it, the tunings are different. I guess the weight/gravity pulls on the tremolo and changes it based on how the guitar is oriented.

What way should I be tuning this thing then? Flat with the strings up or vertical as in playing position?

If this shouldn't happen, what is the problem?


you need to level the bridge. there's a tutorial at the top of the page.

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The bridge is perfectly level with the body on both the low E and high E sides. Even if I strum a string open like the low E vertical vs laying flat, it is sharp or flat based on if I tuned it vertically or flat.

Can anyone check to see if this happens on their Floyd Rose tremolos? Put the tuner on it and lay the guitar flat on your lap with the strings facing up. Strum the low E string and note where it is (don't tune it) and then sit the guitar up vertical like in playing position and strum it again, did it change from when it was laying flat on your lap?