hi all, does anyone know some good acoustic songs by (death)metal bands?
like In Flames - Acoustic Medley n stuff, or just some cool acoustic or instrumental songs
srr if there's already a thread 'bout this, but i couldn't find it with the search bar
i'll be the first of many to say Opeth. also Desolate Ways by Morbid Angel
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Rodrigo y Gabriela - Orion

Awesome acoustic cover.


They're so great. They do some other great covers but their original "Tamacun" is my favourite

Anyway, get "Damnation" by Opeth and a few selected tracks off "Still Life" such as "Face of Melinda" and "Benighted"

Agalloch have a lot of acoustic work in their songs...

The intro to User-Maat-Re by Nile (hahaha)

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In Flames - Come Clarity

In Flames in general just rock. I agree on opeth too. Not death but Metallica's acoustic songs are unbeatable.
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They're so great. They do some other great covers but their original "Tamacun" is my favourite

Just started learning that the other day
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its an instrumental but still awesome
voice of the soul - death
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I've been thinking about making an acoustic Black Sabbath cover band. Not really what you're looking for, but I figured I'd pipe up.

And yeah, Agalloch is where it's at tbqh.
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I'll add Blind Guardian to the list (though Opeth have brilliant acoustics).

Heol Telwen

Well, mostly folk metal for me...
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Behemoth - The Touch Of Nya
Shadows Fall - Casting Shade
Nightrage - The Howls Of The Wolves
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Just started learning that the other day

Aw nice dude. I watched the youtube vid and Gabriela's techniques look really difficult! I need to get myself an 'ol nylo string

anyway i just remembered that Gorguts have a few:

"And then come lividity"
The intro to "Waste of Mortality"
The intro to "Dormant Misery" (some of the nicest harmonics you'll ever hear played)

When I came near losing my own life
It made me learn the true meaning of a smile
Nile has pretty much acoustic stuff with ouds but mostly in the intros. And Dissection has quite many acoustic songs.
There's a great acoustic section in Zombie Inc. by In Flames. Opeth are another obvious choice, I also love the small amounts of acoustic parts Metallica played on their old albums, not Nothing Else Matters, though, I hate that.
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Opeth, Death, Dream Theater, Agalloch, Metallica, Elvenking, Sonata Arctica, Kamelot has some clean stuff, and Amon Amarth have some clean bridges but nothing major.
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Even though Opeth has been said a ton already, I will say it again because they are that awesome. Opeth ftw
uh behind the scenery's rain, lost love, epilogue and many interesting acoustic interludes in their songs -some sounding like flamenco and **** O_o!-


you can download both their albums there

otherwise, the acoustic intro to Eucharist's Greeting Immortality is godly

At the Gates' And the World Returned has some nice acoustic riffs and a cello/viola here and there
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its an instrumental but still awesome


Also, Mandragore by Gojira and The Infinity of Stone by Nile

You will find a lot of intros are acoustic, such as Unas Slayer of the Gods by Nile and Sculpting the Throne ov Seth by Behemoth

also, A ****LOAD OF OPETH
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