need help making my guitar playing more grunge.
any addice will be helpful.
anything i may need to by.
only think i know if playing slightlyou of tune and sloppy.
Nirvana Forever <3
Overdrive pedal, some flange or phase, a distortion pedal...

Learn every single power chord known to man

awkward high notes that don't sound quite right...

play half a step down on everything

if you play through a Marshall, turn the dry effect down.

listen to old hardcore punk (minor threat)

The Same things.
buy nirvana tab books......what am i saying.. this is a Tab site anyway...
although sitting with the in utero tab book while listening to the album does help a lot.

..go to youtube and watch as much nirvana live as possible and watch what he's playing and how he gets the sounds he does..

ehh.. digitech grunge might help you..

and get into the Pixies

there you go
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The Digitech Grunge is a horrible pedal.

What you need is a quite bassy sound and a fair bit of distortion. A Chorus pedal wouldn't go to waste either.

EDIT - Because you're in 'Boro my mate in newcastle is selling a BOSS DS-2 (that Cobain used) Let me or Steve_epi_SG_wo know if you're interested
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Glad to see grunge=Nirvana

Yes, I love Nirvana. Yes I love Kurt. And yes, Nirvana is grunge. But that's not the only, and certainly not the best grunge band out there.

REally get into it. Listen to the Melvins, the Pixies, Soundgarden, and Pearl Jam. You'll find a lot more than powerchords and repitition.
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Playing sloppy and out of tune doesn't make something grunge, for the record.
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Jake will suffice.

Join the revolution, GG&A.
someone called?

i mmmmmmight part with my DS-2 (with footswitch)

Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
Pearl Jam are not sloppy and they dont play out of tune.
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