Well for long time now ive been playing lead ina few bands. but its been a long time since i ve done much of anything rhythm related. so ive found that ive runinto a huge problem...

i cant write riffs that i'm happy with anymore.

It's been a long time since iver written a riff that i did look back on and think "no, its missing something" or "too flashy, start over"

i'm really having problems writing riffs for a 2 guitar player band. thats the main thing. when i write them its seems like there should only be one guitarist. so for a long time ive let the rhythm player write the riffs and i write the lead parts over them.

but the real question is: has this ever happend to you? have you been in what seems like a "guitar writers block" for months? and what should i do to get back in the grove of writing riffs instead of licks?
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^ Agreed, flashy is excellent (unless it's rubbish but the artist clearly thinks its his gift to the world)

Try listening to new genres of music or discover new artists and listen to what they do; even some aural practice stuff with melodies and stuff (you can use the guitar for it, i've been using a keyboard lately) just to get your head working a bit more can help
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try writin the flashy riffs, then have someone listen to it (maybe the rhythm player) to dumb it down a bit...but yeahh half of us are probably tryin to make our riffs more flashy, so in a sense ur lucky
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When writing riffs... keep in mind that there needs to be space for the other players to play, and for the singer to sing.... too much going on makes for bad music, imho.

When you write a riff, and you can't invision what the others will do, then take a step back and evaluate how to alter your idea so there is enough room for everyone to accompany the riffs.

Guitar players can appreciate "flashiness", but the majority of music listeners want to hear a song that is good... not a song that is flashy. I've nothing against flashy, but as long as it compliaments the song... and it is not flash, for the sake of flash. Try and keep that in mind to when approaching song writing... think about it... the most popular/successful songs of all time are incredibly simple.
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ok, maybe flashy wasnt a good word for it...

i just meant, a bit overdoing it from what i was aiming for.

What i really hate is when i have a really cool riff in my head (like now) but there is no way to get to a guitar ad i can just write it down cuz i havent figured out how to play it yet =[
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