Alvarez ad60scbk Acoustic Electric Guitar with Hardshell Case For Sale. The backside of the electronics isnt put together but if someone did put it back together it would work fine. The plugin hole cracked and had to have another drilled so theres electrical tape covering the cracked part. This guitar has seen many stages and has a good number of scratchs but sounds GREAT!! Case is in pretty good shape but does have some black spray paint on it but its not very noticeable.

New is $430, Asking $200 but willing to go down in price. MAKE AN OFFER!!!! Buyer pays shipping.

What is all that tape around the Jack for?
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the oringinal jack hole cracked and broke so a new one had to be drilled so i coverd the old one with tape but it will come off and not leave ressedue, thats why i used electrical tape.
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