I plugged my crybaby and distorion pedal into a 13v adapter by accident and now the y wont work

Have I broken them?
check the diodes if you have a multimeter. There is also a zero ohm resistor which is basically a fuse which might need checking,
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Wait are you still using the 13v adaptor or are you using a battery or 9v adapter?

It's an adapter with multiple voltage options on it, you just use a slider and I knocked it to 13v by accident

.............sorry. I just had to.

Bring it to the shop you bought it from and say it just wouldn't turn on, thats what my friend did and he got another one that worked, but used.
The Voltage would have messed with the componants. Try the adapter once more, and maybe try a battery in just in case.
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Yea, my friend bought an Uber Metal (his first distortion) and he hooked it up to a 12v adapter....it smoked...

Although, my other friend has an Uber Metal and has ran it with a 14v adapter for almost 3 months....hmmm....
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My '9V' adapter puts out 14V, and works fine with all my pedals. Are you sure you didn't reverse the polarity?