Can I use that with my acoustic? I need a chromatic tuner, and I've found that tuning is more accurate if I actually plug my tuner into my pickup, especially since when I tune at church the other musicians are warming up and it's loud so the microphone doesn't work well, but I look like a dork because I have to unplug my wire out of my D.I. box, plug it into my tuner, hang my tuner on a music stand, hope it doesn't fall off, then unplug it and plug back into the D.I. box. Plus the mute functionality would be cool because sometimes I need to go into the back room to practice with the choir, but the PA system is still on, and it pops real loud when I unplug. I'm thinking a pedal would be tons easier and more professional, but I've never heard of an acoustic person using a pedal.

Should I just get one of those clip-on tuners that goes on your headstock and senses body vibrations instead?
I've never used one, but I would be wary of clip on tuners if you are in a loud environment, because it picks up vibrations from your neck, and external noises might cause your neck to vibrate also. If your acoustic can hook up to it, then I would go with the pedal.
I have heard great things about that tuner. It seems that a lot of people use them. Pretty much anything by Boss is a good product.
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The pedals are awesome. Pretty much anyone who performs live often will have one, even those people who play acoustics.

As long as your cool with spending $80 more than the trusty Korg CA-30, then I saw go for it.

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I have it and it works great with my acoustic. If you don't mind the price go for it.
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I prefer one with a needle as it's more accurate. A set of LED's isn't as accurate. Most basic tuners have an input so you can tune with sound or by the pickup.
Great tuner. My guitar teacher at my church used to use one (or at least something very much like it), and he had an acoustic-electric. It looked a ton like it, the color, LED's, letter display, everything, except that someone wrote the church's initials on there I think... I think it was FCC Lol.
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