I'm starting to play bigger shows and I want to upgrade my bass rig but don't know where to start. I strictly use old tube equipment and have little knowlege of the newer stuff (heads and cabs). My bass rig for years has been a Fender Showman head run through twin JBL 200 watt cab towers. I want to upgrade to something louder and more modern sounding because the band I'm in now has two guitarists and I need to compete in the voulume wars now. Are solid state heads really that bad, or should I consider them? What are the new guys running for cabs these days? any suggestions are welcolm. Please help.
I run an Ampeg SVT-4 pro when I play, so I would think something along those lines. Maybe one of the SVT-4 pros with an 8x10 cab?
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I had an old ampeg tube head running thru an ampeg 4x10 cab and that was not loud enough to be heard over the guitar players 100w mesa head. I ended up swapping and got an Ampeg B4 head and an Eden 2x15. Its a SS head. I cannot tell much of a diff. btw. tubes and SS amps, when it comes to bass. A couple of the best bass players I know play SS amps. Just my opinion. This was a very cost effective way to get loud. I am more of a guitar player, if that says anything. I guess it depends on how much money you wanted to drop. I bought my 1st set up and didnt want to spendany more $$$, so traded on craigslist to get more volume.

I will happily part with my bass rig, if you live in Socal. I havent played bass in a band in years, and have a smaller amp anyway.