ok so it's obvious 99% of you will tell me to just get a 5 watt tube combo (valve junior or blackheart) and take it w/ me next year, but i LOVE my randall. i really wanna take it w/ me to the university next year b/c i will still be playing as much as i do now up there. and if i leave it i'll only get to use it like two days every other week at most.

it's 50 watts...definitely more than what anyone would ever recommend for dorm rooms. but i can easily dial the volume down to appropriate level. and as far as taking up space, it doesn't take that much up seeing it's a 1X12 combo. the only hassle would be taking it up stairs if i happen to be on a second floor or somethin which i could handle.


even with my bad monkey i don't think i could pull a blackheart into metal/shreddish style and i play that just as much as the other stuff. i say that i'll stick w/ the combo amp going w/ me, after all.....$1400 just sitting at home not getting used!?!?! crazy!! i'm saving a lotta money for maybe a lil bit nicer car and other little things so that i can have a good amount of cash in the bank all the time in case of emergencies.

so i guess this is where yall either try to convince me to get another amp or you agree with me....choose wisely.

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hmm, well it depends on your roommates. In my uni, dorm rooms are very small, and I wouldn't want my roommate to be bringing in a giant amp...unless I could play with it, hehe. Ya but it all comes down to roommates, and if you get a single room go for it, but remember to lock your door always.
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Any suggestions?
If you're absolutely in love with your Randall, I say go for it. I'm assuming there will be open mic nights and the like while you're at school. I crank my amp all the time and no one really care. Granted, I only have a 15 watt Crate in my dorm room. You'll definitely get noticed if you bring the 1x12 combo.
I don't know know if you have seen one or not, but Dorm rooms are tiny. I think a 1x12 is going to really take up a lot more room than you realize. By the time you put 2 beds in it, a couch (you are going to want to sit on something) TV, refrigerator, dresser for cloths and then maybe a desk to do homework, you are pretty cramped. Me and my roommate both had so much stuff, that I couldn't imagine trying to make room for a amp that size. I would say get a 1x8 15 watt or something that you could store in the top of a closet or something. Your Dorm room is probably not going to be much bigger than 8 ft by 14 ft max I would image, and two of you are going to have to live in that space for a year.
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i HAVE seen the dorm rooms hooker72005 but i really thank you for the heads up anyways!! the amp will take a lil space but not more than i could live with that's for sure. and i have two different friends that are possible roomies this upcoming semester, one's been really cool friends w/ me since middle school and is really chill; the other is the drummer in my praise and worship band at church . so trust issues will not be a problem w/ all my nice stuff just chillin in the room.

if there IS an open mic night, i WILL be there!! lol. my gf told me that the music rooms can be used when they're empty to practice instruments so i'll have somewhere to jam possibly.
My MAIN Gear
"They call him the 'Sand Spider.' -Why? -Probably because it sounds scary"
*Agile AL3000 Les Paul w/ Alnico IIs
*Randall RM50
*Dunlop CFH
*fellow LEO feel free to give a shout out
If you like it, just take it with you.

I've got a Blackheart at uni and it's stupidly loud for a dorm room, but I don't turn it down, I just have tolerable neighbours.
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