Here is what I need to do with the looper:

1) Record a loop from a cd player/mp3 player source (AUX in).
2) Overdub a guitar loop.
3) Save the whole phrase.

What I intend to do is record live drum sounds from a mp3 player, then I will overdub a chord progression over the drums and save it.

When I arrive at a gig I want to press the foot switch and solo over the chord/drums (no further recording or overdubbing)

I can't afford anything like a RC-50.
the boss RC-20 I think its called, or the digitech jamman. I have the jamman, and its better for upload mp3 stuff to it, and stuff.
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You can do that even with a RC-2 I believe.
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Thanks for the info, does the RC-2 allow me to switch between phrases via footswitch? I need this function as well.

I know that I am probably better of with a looperative or an echoplex but I can't afford those.