Sticky tape.

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teh magnets.

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How did you manage that?
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use your penis........the least that can happen is a bit of pleasure.

what if... it went up the ol' Jap's eye?
It's soldered to the motherboard somewhere in there.

If you're careful and have decent technique you can either install another one or do like me and buy a female jack at the end of a wire - they're available at Radio Shack.

Then you can solder it in and wire-tie the loose end to something more secure thus the mechanical stress is no longer on some flimsy pieces of solder on the motherboard. And at worst you rip up your wire tie and/or a $1 female adapter.

...1/8" jacks are horribly cheap and flimsy and even on computers costing thousands and thousands of dollars they are unfortunately standard.

...so replace it with a better one!
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what if... it went up the ol' Jap's eye?

I believe that IS the pleasure.
You might have to open up your laptop.

Take out the battery first.
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Yeah, the very end bit of a headphone jack snapped in my laptop and I have no idea how to get it out.... any ideas?

You got it out yet?
Put superglue on what's left of the jack, stick it into the hole, wait for the glue to dry, and pull.
Are you on your Laptop right now... and your sticking Metal Needles in an electrical hole...? Lol.
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glue is the way to go