I want to know what people think of the Edge III system.
I'm no where near ready to buy, but I'm starting to get some ideas for my next guitar.
You see, I'm a chick and like most chicks I have these things that stick out of my chest, you may have heard or seen something like time, called boobs.
Currently I have an RG, and like most guitar bodies, they like to jam right up into these, well mostly just the one tit.
I know, I can just lower the guitar, but I like proper posture and technique.
So anyway.. I really like the shape and style of Jackson's Warrior WR1, but the one with a decent tremolo is like $2500.
Now Ibanez has this XPT700, listed for about $900.
I know the Jackson probably has more stuff to make up for that $1000 price jack up, but obviously I want to spend less money. **** man I still would like to get a decent cab and head in a bit.

So, my question is finally this:
How is the comparison of the Edge III vs a Floyd Rose Original?
Basically is it worth the $1000 difference, especially if this will be only my second guitar?

By the way, a V is out the of the question for me... I just don't like the look of them. Don't know what else to say, but it's enough for me to not want to spend money on one.
i have an edge 3 the floyd is way better
Lets make a toast...To women's underwear its not the best thing in the world but its next to it...
Anybody have a comparison / experience with the hipshot tremolos?

edit: Get the cheaper guitar, the Original floyd Rose is $160 and the Schaller FR is $165 at warmoth, even having a repair shop install it for you, you save money buying it as a retrofit instead of factory.
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