How could i find out the year of this guitar.. or some more info about it?!

My dad gave it to me... ive been playing it for a while now and dont know much about it...

He bought it years ago when he played in the bands in the 60s

Its years old i know that much lol


what do you's think?
60s fender tele?


maybe get an old lipstick style pup?
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
Doubt you will get an answer here, everyone is like younger than 18...

If you want a good answer make a thread on www.tdpri.com .. It is a forum just about Telecasters and they know EVERYTHING about them! They will be able to tell you exactly what it is.

Nice guitar BTW man, I want it. You're really lucky!
nice geetar!
thats worth loads you lucky son of a-

i guess try checking the seriel number on the fender website (i think you can do it there)
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thanks a lot guys for the help!!!

gona put a thread up there now

i'll sell you it lol
The headstock decal is different from how they usually look but that is definitely the nicest tele I've ever saw. I want to mod my Squier with a Strat neck pickup like your Tele. I bet it plays like a dream. Keep it, don't sell it. EVER.