I found a SZ520 thats a limited edition I think made in 04-05 and a Jackson SL4 Soloist that was made in Japan. Which one to get? Both are less than $350 all help and info would be apprectiated.
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I play rythm so a trem really isnt important to me but it really doesnt matter. I just want the best build I can get.
i'd go for the jackson, im not really a fan of ibanez guitars, if you get the jackson and you dont want to use the trem. just get a tremel-no
The Jackson is simply a better built guitar, and quite likely better sounding (Jackson's timbers trash Ibanez') After that what matters is the feel of each to you.

It's not even a fair contest though. It's like asking if you want, for the same price, a Ford Focus or a 1967 GT500KR
Though I really like that Ibanez, the Jackson is the better guitar for the price.
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Where the hell did you find a Soloist for 350 bucks?
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