I am trading in my marshall MG30DFX because it is crap and want to get either of these 2 amps. I play rock/indie/metal

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Vox definately. but try it out first, b/c the gain you want might not be all there. Maybe look at the XL model, as it has more hi-gain models on it.
Go for the Vox. As an AD60 owner, I cannot recommend the AD series highly enough. They've got all the gain you need.

And for what it's worth, I personally hated the XL series when I tried them (the 30, 50, and 100), they sound a lot like Spiders, albeit a bit less digital.
if you want a good practise/bedside amp, i would get the Spider but again, thats just my opinion. go test them both out and see what you prefer
I have a VOX AD30VT and I highly recommend them if you're looking for a bedroom practice amp. You can adjust the wattage output on them so you can play at lower volumes without sacrificing tone.
I bought a VOX today, what does that tell ya?

*waits for someone to post*
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Still get the VOX (in a box).
i have a Spider III. I like it but i tried a Vox AD30VT out this last weekend and it is amazing.

Definatly go with the Vox.
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The Spider III is definitely easier to use and has a better high-gain tone, but the Vox is better at everything else, especially regarding cleans and the multiple effects.


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The VOX is far superior to the Line 6 Spider III, ask me, I've tried them both many times because I own a AD30VT and I know one who has the Line 6. The Spider III is not as bad as many says, though.
Vox. I'm playing the Vox AD50VT-212 right now and love it. I'm looking for a decent stack when I have enough money but for now it works just fine until I get some gigs... and a band. It's really versatile and nowhere near as digital sounding as the Spider. I don't, however, think the Spider is the worst amp made, like some people on here do. I was strongly considering one before I heard about Vox.
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fuzzyDXMG=GREAT buyer/trader, easy to deal with.
I like the Line 6 better because I tried one out at Guitar Center a few days ago and they sounded pretty good.
Vox = Quality awesomeness

Line 6 = crappy digital "meh" box for kids who wanna be shreders

Also I dunno whats up with the post order. Some kinda glitch.

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