Because frankly, there's too many threads on this stuff.

Man killed for being disabled

Man killed over chocolate rapper

Kid killed for being gay

Man killed for not liking Bruce Springsteen (Probably the most epic)

Any old ones i missed?
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YESI love you.

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Ever stuck their finger in their ass, just to see what it was like? I did

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My sister has a big ass


Simply because I could breed the pokemon, and act out my sick sexual fantasies between Dittos and Chanseys.

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She had sex..with my...AIDS?

although this will probably be closed soon sadly
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You are so going to hell, but that is hilarious.

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nah, we should just let them all happening. They will eventually stop.

well, that's really up to you
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I'm surprised you returned to this thread after cheeseman owned you.
I was just going to post a "UG user killed for posting pastiche thread" and then I thought it would be best not to get banned.
This thread will likely get little use, just like all the other non-sticked "ONLY" threads. Oh,well.
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I onece dumped a girl that I was seeing who already had a boyfriend... So anyway she put on like a stone and i dumped her telling her it was because i felt really guilty etc etc.

But really it's cos she got fat!

No fat chicks !
Look at how big those threads are, if you amalgamated them you'd have a huge monster of a thread that no one could understand.

Plus I was just about to post my "Killed for being a nun" thread.