actually, i don't know if " thery" any...

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If you are not willing to die for the perfect s'more, Then you don't deserve a s'more at all.
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actually, i don't know if " thery" any...

thery=there any. **** knows what happened there.
Actually, turkey doesn't have any sedatives in it. That's just a myth. There are some herbs that are sedative. Sleepytime tea is a great mild sedative.
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Forget about her, she seems complicated. Who wants a girl who answers in riddles? I'm not the fucking sfinx.

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Woah, woah. Back the hell up.

Polo shirt?


Of course he got all the girls, he's Rick Astley.
^turkey's do but it's such an insignificant amount your stomach would explode before you ate enough
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I would say that aetherspear speaks nothing but the truth.
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I don't know about food, but a good fap puts me to sleep.
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Ironbodom, I hate you.

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damnit Ironbodom.

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Yes, someone "was ate jam" while they were playing.
Brilliant observation.

i think warm milk helps. or alcohol

or both
Yea that's right, I want something to explode

I've been deaf, now I want noise

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Chocolate has something that causes your brain to release serotonin.

That's not a sedative.
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Milk products do contain opiates, albeit at a very low concentration. A lot of people freak out about this. These people deserve to be kicked in the nuts.

Trust me, you're not gonna get high off of food.
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That's not a sedative.

No, but it makes you feel nice, whicj is what a sedative does, so I feel valid contribution.

Coffee on the other hand is a stimulant, so feel justified on that one.
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No, but it makes you feel nice, whicj is what a sedative does, so I feel valid contribution.

Well plenty of things can make you feel nice.

....I can make you feel nice if you want.
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turkey doesnt really have that much tryptophan........its more of a carb over load that makes you tired.