Hey guys, this is yet another college decision thread however I think my situation is a little bit different from the rest, and I want some suggestions about what would be the best course of action. I know that's a decision I'll ultinately have to make, however I want some insight from people other than my family who may have gone through a similar situation.

My Situation: Yesterday I heard back from Ohio State, my number one choice for college, that I was wait listed. Now, I was devastated at first, until I found out that I had options. My options being that I can start going to school immediately following my high school graduation this june (not happening) or I could enroll in the Winter Quarter in 2009.

Now, I've already been accpeted to Auburn University (one of my top three choices) and I still have to hear back from Virginia Tech (my other top three choice). So as you can see, I'm left with one hell of a choice.

Either I:
A) Say no, to Ohio State, and attend either Auburn or Tech (which aren't my first choices for college) and go back to school around the same time my friends go back.


B) Say yes to Ohio State, and work during the summer and fall, aswell as possibly taking some of my core requirements during the fall and getting ahead. But staying home for four months while my friends are off at college.

What would you do in my situation? Ever been in one like mine before?
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I'd go for Ohio State; it's your first choice and there's a possibility you may get in off the wait list for regular session.