Hey guys, Ive been playing about 4 months and i love guitar. However, between work and school my time has been really limited and i haven't been able to practice nearly as much as i would like to. My summer break is gonna start about mid april and hopefully im gonna have ALOT more time to devote to guitar over that 3 month period. I know this will take dedication but i love playing, but if i start to practice for around 6 hours a day, how much will that accelerate my playing ability in those 3 months? I know im not supposed to rush but i want nothing more than to get proficient at the guitar. If i was able to do this, how much would that increase my skill as a guitarist? Thanks for your time.
If you don't already know a lot, your skill would increase by a lot. However if you practice with bad habits you could lose some.
This will help greatly my guitar teacher said if you practiced proficiantly for four hours a day for about a year you can be on the skill level of Van Halen. So in 3 months I think you would be pretty good. Probly not Van Halen but still good. But the key woard here is proficiant practice. And also split up practicing to like three diferent times a day if at all possible becaouse that will help alot. But don't think after three months you will be as good as goerge lynch becouse you won't that skill level takes years to achieve.
It all depends on how you practice.

Some people sit in front of tabs for days and that is all they play- it is not exactly the best way to learn.

But if you spend those hours practicing chords, scales, strumming, and rythyms (etc) you will accelerate.

Play with a metronome. Read as many online lessons as you can. If you practice the correct way now, you will progress much faster than the kid who just reads tabs.

and remember there are tons of different kinds of scales: major, minor, harmonic minor, MODES and wow the list goes on. Let that be your goal, to learn and master a scale a day.

and.. on a side note.. When I played woodwinds the key rule was play for 20 minutes, rest for fifteen (it is very demanding on your chops)... and I adopted that onto bass playing. The last thing you want to do is overdo it at first and be left not being able to practice those long stretches at a time.

have a good one.
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Yep, the more you practice, the faster you get good. As the others have said, be sure to use correct techinique while practicing to enforce clean playing. I wish I had more time to practice, but these days I'm lucky to average an hour a day. I guess that means I'm three years away from EVH skill. LOL