I've been playing guitar for a year now. And now I want to try to play with a bottleneck.
And I have a few questions.
#1 is it anything special I need to think of? like strings.
#2 What is best Brass, Glass, thick/thin.
#3 Do they sound different.

///Till Svenskar. Finns det nå bra nybörjar böcker för bottleneck (med tablaturer)
They do sound different. I've got a Mudslide made from clay. Brass sounds really tinny. Glass sounds a little deeper. It's whatever you want.
I have a glass one but my pinky is too retarded to not bash it into the neck when I go from picking to slide. I have an aluminum tube which is lighter and it sounded good until the strings wore it down and now it's slow and too scratchy sounding. My favorite thing to use is a full Bic lighter (has to be a Bic). I tried gluing a tube for my finger to one but it just doesn't feel right. So I just free-hand the Bic until I can come up with some better apparatus.
I'm digging brass atm. I play acoustic though. Thicker is better in general IMO. The best thing to do is to just get a few and mess about with them.
The best thing to do it test a few out and see what you like. Give the main lick of Old Friend by The Allman Brothers Band a try, it really easy and repetitive. Or Kam-ma-lay by The Derek Trucks Band.
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