well it seems the last shins thread was closed but i need more because i love this band. If you don't like them thats cool and i want your opinion too. I want favorite songs albums or I want why you don't like them. I'm just a very curious specimen looking for answers.
The Shins.

That is all.
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They're one of my favorite bands everrr. They have mastered the art of combining infectious music with ingenious lyrics.

Chutes Too Narrow is probably my favorite album, but they're all excellent.
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Wincing the Night Away is my favourite album, but they are all brilliant. Love the lyrics.
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I have Chutes Too Narrow. It is really good, but some of their other songs I have heard aren't as great.
I thought it was impossible to not like the Shins
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i was huge fan when oh, inverted world came out. started to dislike them somewhat when chutes too narrow came out, and i couldn't even clock in one full listen of wincing.
Wha-whaaat? Chutes Too Narrow is like a gigantic puree of catchiness.
There's only one girl in the world for you
and she probably lives in Tahiti.
The old thread was probably closed if there was another one around the same time and it might have somehow dropped below the closed one.

Never really got into The Shins. Don't really know why, just didn't float my boat at the right time and just left them to sink into the collection never to be seen again.
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i was at some diner about a month ago with a couple friends and there were these kids in the booth behind us and they said the shins were over rated, and i was just like what? then they also said radiohead sucks (they repeated that radiohead sucks like 4-5 times which blew my mind but this isnt a radiohead thread so whatever).

i think the shins are amazing. wincing the night away was one of my cds of the year for sure.
One of my favorite bands, but I kinda have to agree with starsnostars. The next two albums just weren't too memorable with the exception of a few songs. :/