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so I know everyone has heard of the ever famous white stripes but if you like jack white, the beatles, pink floyd, and good drumming then i would recommend this band. If you like them already then i'm curious to know your favorite song. and for all of you who want another album they are recording as we speak.
they're pretty good, some of the songs are pretty boring/unoriginal.

there are a few good ones though

yellow sun is probably my favourite song. Level is jammin too, but i get tired of this band quickly, i can listen to their cd once every 6 months or so. I'm probably going to cheak out their next album.
Yeah the raconteurs are pretty sweet. Never knew they where recording, look forward to it.
I love the raconteurs, and Jack White is my favorite guitarist (read my screen name). My favorite racs song is level, absolutely brilliant. The red guitar that Jack almost always plays in The White Stripes, is called an airline, and I own a reissued copy of it. Im a huge fan
One of my friends is interning at the studio there recording the new album in Nashville, it's supposed to be pretty dam good
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I've just been doing some Youtubing , this band is awesome!
I always thought they had potential produce even better stuff than the White Stripes' music. It might just be me but I always feel like a full band puts out a better sound. First album fell a little short though but it was still pretty good.

I cant wait to check out the new cd
Pretty good band. I agree that they have the potential to be better than the White Stripes. Sometimes I think the Stripes limit themselves too much. They kind of oversimplify everything.
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New album released next week! This is the best news I've heard in a long time.
It explains it all on there.

Holy moly! did not expect that! I'm well excited now.
You already got the new album? How did you get it? I demand answers.

Ah... it leaked. I was hoping today might be the 25th. Oh well, I'll buy it tomorrow.. this week is a very good week for me.
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Yeah, write to my fanclub about it, honey.
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i didnt really like the new album very much. it was much better as a whole than their first but individual song wise it was very lacking i thought. still was entertaining though.
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The new album is amazing. It's a lot more Jack oriented, while maintaining an unique vibe.
The Raconteurs have a new album *savagely races onto itunes*...

it's not on itunes...

anywho... I love the white stripes. I love the Greenhornes. So, like, the raconteurs are like "WOWEE KAZOWEE"

And also:

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sif you like jack white, the beatles, pink floyd,

They have nothing to do with Pink floyd, musically.
Seriously, how the hell does everyone have it prior to the release date? I've heard of no leak!
Man I can't wait till tomorrow.To hype me up I have been listening to them all day. The Raconteurs do the best covers live.

I also think it's great that they release the album before the single. By the time I had bought BBS I had kinda got sick of 'Steady as she goes'.
Actually it went on sale today in britain, 1 day ahead of everywhere else.

Also it's absolutely amazing.
Skeet UK is awesome, he can get WD Music parts discounted.
I'm a big fan of BB, Blanche, The Greenhornes and The White Stripes.
I love The Rac's, it's hard not to! I think Patrick is one of the best modern drummers along with Patrick Carney of The Black Keys.

I heard a preview of Consolers of The Lonely on youtube, and it sounds fantastic.
i prefer the stripes, but the raconteurs are a solid group. great debut, i can't wait to see what else they will do.
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The Raconteurs have a new album *savagely races onto itunes*...

it's not on itunes...

anywho... I love the white stripes. I love the Greenhornes. So, like, the raconteurs are like "WOWEE KAZOWEE"

And also:


They have nothing to do with Pink floyd, musically.

yeah the Racs are pretty much nothing like floyd....

anyway, Im pretty pumped for the new album. I was getting kind of bored with Broken Boy Soldiers. My favorites on that one are Intimate Secretary (despite the lame lyrics), Level (watch the video, great solo section) and Yellow Sun (very Brendan, and the drums are great). good fan of Brendan, HUGE white stripes fan.
I guess we'll see about the album sometime soon, hopefully tomorrow.
Just listening to the album for the second time. Man, it sure is great. Very different to BBS. It's more rock n' roll and less folky but it still has quite a mainstream sound. A lot of the songs are in the similar vein of Icky Thump but overall it's quite a mixbag of different styles. My fave song at the moment is 'Five on the Five' - I actually remember them playing it live at Reading 2006 and I loved it.
I'm not sure if I prefer it over BBS yet cos' I love the mellow harmony driven songs on their debut...saying that things could change after a few more spins of the album I can tell it's a definate grower. I also must say it has a lot more power than BBS, 'Rich Kid Blues' is an epic song.
havent heard much of the new album yet, as I am still on my first listen but so far it's extremely enjoyable

can't wait to finish it and listen to it several times
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Man after a first listen it sounded awesome i'll have to listen to it more when i have time but it sounds great.
^ No, I went to buy it today and was told that Australia gets it April 5th. That's what we get for living on a backwater desert island I guess.
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