Here is my predicament, I need to choose between a new guitar or a new amp. I have been playing for about a year and I consider myself to be pretty good. I can play a variety of different songs and know quite a lot about theory. I do not mean to sound like I am bragging... just trying to give an overview of my playing career.
I like to play alot of classic rock, and Blues. I need a nice clean tone.
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At the moment I own a Roland cube 15x, with a Fender Squier strat.
For my acoustic I own an Ovation which I am pretty content with.

I need to buy either a new amp or new guitar. The Fender Strat sounds like ****... It is starting to hurt my ears to be honest. Imagine filling a (tin can with bees)

I have a pretty tight budget of around 300-400 usd. Any suggestions are very

There you have it, New guitar or new amp? and what recommendations.
Hmm, at the moment I probably recommend a new guitar, squiers are pretty terrible and the cube is a decent enough amp for what it is.
Hmm I'm not really sure, I'm not really into classic rock, blues etc.

Maybe go to your nearest decent guitar shop, try out some of the guitars that take your fancy, remember its all about what you like
buy a tube amp, possibly a Fender Blues Junior.
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I'd say a MIM fender or an epi LP standard/SG-400 or better. For an amp, look at fenders, they have excellent clean tone. make that fender's tube amps. no frontman.
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ya..i vote for epiphone les paul standard. i have one,and love it. i bought a jackson rr24, and my epi still gets used just as much as the jackson.
make sure u get a standard though. dont go for a LP special.
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For a guitar company id vote epiphone. From there id look at LP standards or G-400's
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A new amp makes a much greater impact on your tone than a new guitar. One question I would suggest asking yourself is, putting the tone aside, how does the guitar feel to you? Is it comfortable? Playable?

If the guitar still feels fine to you, isn't actually so bad that it's affecting your ability to play, I would strongly suggest looking into getting a new amp.

A guitar will only really sound as good as it's amp.

Well, unless you play an acoustic anyway...
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Take a look at the epiphone G-400

I've been playing for a year and I have Line 6 spider 2 112 (cost me $150 new)
and ordered a epi G400 cherry red ($275, should come in tomorrow)

I had a strat, sold it.
The cube seems pretty good though. Stick to it and get a guitar

I use to play my strat with the spider 2
It was okay
Then, I plugged in my brothers Ibanez and said "holy J-man I need a new guitar"

I recommend the G400 'cause it doe's it all
I don't stick to one genre and this is perfect for a low budget (which mine was $400)

Oh and finally, don't listen to the people saying don't buy Epiphone buy Gisbons.
Ignorant people.