I recently bought an Ibanez s2170 and I'm having problems dropping the tuning. I've never had a guitar with a tremolo bar before so I don't know if that has to do with the problem. The machine heads appear to loosen the strings but the open notes stay the same. Noob question I know, but just looking for help with changing the tuning thanks.
make sure the locking nut is open when you do it. Also you mite have to retune the same string a few times due to the floating tremolo.
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LOL, unlock the nuts.

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They're right. Unlock the locking nut - and maybe do some research on floating trems before touching anything else...

Bear in mind that a floating bridge is far from ideal for changing tunings, although the ZR is better than most as it has the zero point system so you can alter the minimum force required to move the bridge.
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If your just going to Drop D from standard, you can just use the fine tuners to drop the E string and the other strings will stay in tune because of the Zero Point system.
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lmao alright, never used a floating bridge before. Thanks for the help