well some of my keybo4rd doesnt work. b4sic4lly the the left p4rt of it, both shifts, the enter, 4nd 4rrows. this is the second keybo4rd i h4d problems with. i keep my keybo4rd cle4n 4nd im gentle with them. does 4nyone know if this could be 4 bug or something, insert uestion m4rk here. 4nd help is 4ppricrted. th4nks in 4dv4nce.
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good luck in the war... oh wait Canada. lol.
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I like the name Canada, lets stick with that

then, everybody will think its a joke when someone screams;

element of surprise is ensured
i think you're ****ing keyboard is bollixed too, mate.

Ego inflating praise here:
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That is SOOOOOOOOOOO sig worthy! Pure awesomeness to you, sir.

C wut I did thar Fishy?

's UG
What the **** do you want us to do about it? Go buy a new one.
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