Some serious **** there!

My best bet is to airbrush it to have a metal plate look then paint rusty patches on it. You could cover it in sheets of Iron and soak them in water. Might take a while and make the guitar heavy as hell but it would be quality.

Unless you are a great airbrush artists I would track down someone who can do it.

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What is the sunburst guitar?
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looks like a jackson to me...but i could be wrong
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Best bet would be to look for a custom guitar painter. If you're lucky a very good tattoo artist or motorcycle helmet painter might be able to do it
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Nope the sunburst is a Edwards
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umm.. my guess?? paint it with a DEEP primer. paint it white. paint it with orange[leaving a FEW white patches of course]. paint it a darker orange, and keep on the sucession until you get to black. then, snad it a little, and gloss that mother.

or you could just hire esp to make you that guitar.


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Nope the sunburst is a Edwards

Yup, Edwards ECY-165CTM in Honeyburst to be precise. Someones done his research! Haha! ^^
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Best bet would be to look for a custom guitar painter. If you're lucky a very good tattoo artist or motorcycle helmet painter might be able to do it

I've tried at least 10 custom guitar painters/airbrush artists, they need more detailed photos of the guitar and frankly... they just dont exist on the net, believe me... I've scoured. Haha, may just have to chrome the btich and leave it at that... Have a set of Dimarzio Chrome top Evolution + Breed to whack in... Sorta like a really abstract Joe Satch Chrome boy =P~~~~
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Haha, not like I haven't tried. ESP refuse to do it... I can't afford it anyway... Haha, standard Ganesa II goes for around 8G's...

I would be scared to even TOUCH an £8000 guitar.
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I would be scared to even TOUCH an £8000 guitar.

8000 USD =) But yeah I get your point.
First get any artist to do large size sketches on paper of what you want (Someone good with photoshop could do it) then take the detailed art to a luthier or airbrush artist.
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8000 USD =) But yeah I get your point.

hey man, i didn't mean to put you off doing it, if you think it'll look cool then by all means carry on.
Hmmmm easiest way i can see is get some faux rust spray paint ( if they make it ) or do a base coat of oranges and browns to give it the effect. Then wad up some newspaper and place it randomly in spots held down by masking tape. Example, wad'ed up strips and balls and try and mimic the pattern then with that attached spray on the chrome. Let the waded paper do the job of the no chrome patchs. It should do the little ramdom bits and look like its chipping away if you wad the paper right. Then while the paint is still a little wet hit it with a sponge to dull it out a bit. Then remove paper clear and there ya go. Cheap easy and it should work...
maybe some krylon ruddy brown primer?
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all i can think of when i see that body shape is that it needs to be painted to look like frank's face from Donnie Darko...

but in regards to the rust, a good airbrush artist shouldn't have to see more detailed pics of the guitar in order to do a rust paintjob, it's not like that guitar is the only thing in the world with rust on it....
thanks alot guys, changed my mind, getting it done in a marble finish in silver. =)
I've never painted a guitar before, so this is what I THINK you should do.

Paint your Ganesa silver, then paint the brown blothces, then sand the brown spots.