ive decide 2 get a new acoustic guitar for when i start my band and i need 2 know

whats the best acoustic guitar i can get for £200

i play blink 182, green day and good charlotte

also what acoustic strings are better? D`addario or ernie ball?

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acoustic guitar

i play blink 182, green day and good charlotte

Does not compute.

But the strings, I suggest Ernie Ball, but I've only played Slinky's for electric so it might be different.
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Does not compute.

There is no 'best' acoustic guitar you could get, it depends on your style and preferences. Yes, you did mention Blink 182, Green Day, and Good Charlotte, but ... does not compute.

For your price range I'd suggest you check out the 'best guitars under $300' thread (£200 is about $400, no?) since a few that are over $300 got in there/were mentioned.
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I got a epiphone hummingbird on the same budget paid £199 with a free set up and case. But i did try every guitar store and probly every guitar in my price range before i sat with the dove and the hummingbird and i knew almost instantly that one of these was for me. Go sit with guitars man and you will know when you have the right one that's what the guy in the store said and he was spot on. Its like harry potter in the wand shop the darn things almost pick you not you picking the guitar.