I have 10s on my Ibanez RG321mh (hardtail) and the strings are at a comfortable tension. However i heard 9s are supposed to be a bit faster to play on, and i have them on my RG570 (trem). But the tension is way too loose for my liking. I finf I can play faster on my 321 than the 570, which doesn't add up saying as how badly set up my 321 is .

So, is there supposed to be this much of a difference in string tension?
it also depends on the material the strings are made of (nickel/plain steel/etc) and what company they're from.
Yes they are tighter

I find the strings are easier to bend on 9's due to the less tension.

But there is a difference in sound between the different gauges, and I don't like to drop tune anything less that 10s.
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I've got 10's on my Jackson V atm, and i find it perfect for doing gallops on. I've had 9's and 11's on too... the 11's were a bit too strong and could be hard to push the pick past sometimes, and the 9's were too flappy imo and i would find the pick pushing the string as i picked, but not rolling over it, thus making no noise (but were so gentle on the fingers ).

Are they SUPPOSED to be that much tighter? Well i don't know, depends on brand etc, but i when i made the jump from 9's to 10's, i certainly found it a noticeable difference.
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it also depends on the material the strings are made of (nickel/plain steel/etc) and what company they're from.

will pure nickel strings be easier/harder to play/bend on than nickel-plated steel wraps?

i have a 3 pack set of Dr pure blues 10-46 but some stock ghs boomers 10-46 on my guitar right now
ya dude i use heavy top light bottome(10's) for that reason. 9's are waaaay to flapppy.
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there is a difference, but is not a lot
you can still play fast with 10s
most bands use higher gauge
some one told me, and i readtoo that metallica use 10s or 11s
and kirk hammett still play master of puppets solo or one solo
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I tried 9s strings and didn't like it. Sure it's easier to bend but the e string felt too sharp it could cut my finger.