Not really sure of the genre here, but it's sort of a mix between post-hardcore, metalcore, and a few other bits and pieces. Crit for crit of course, any feedback is appreciated. Use the GP5 file if you use RSE, GP4 if not.
Burn the Sky.zip
Oh Shit!
it might be a good idea to get rid of the third guitar and have one of the other two play that part. other than that i liked it.
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I liked it, but a few small issues I've got.

- The chord in bar 3 sounded... off. It didn't seem to match at all, had a little awkward sound in it.
- Bars 107-113, the E/F and F#/G chords (correct me if I'm wrong, I don't read much treble clef) sound pretty nasty

And as stated before, eliminate guitar 3 and have one of the others play it. I didn't think it was necessary to have 2 guitars doubling up on one part, but that's just me. Overall good work, definitely looking forward to hearing more like this.
I really liked that.

I can't give you much of a crit though since everything that bothered me has already been stated. *shrug*

good work though.
that was great
dont see why everyone has to complain about
..... a 3rd guitar, oh wow
its perfectly placed, and it works out great
my only problem, is the solo wasnt too memorable or special
that and the way it ended was kinda =p
but overall id give iit a 10/10 because i liked it
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