So, Im saving money to buy an acoustic or a classical guitar in the summer, since Im going to Mexico, and there is a particular town with a reputation of amazing acoustic/ classical guitars amazingly cheap (the town is Paracho in Michoacan if anybody cares). Anyways,
my question is which one should I buy:

An acoustic guitar or a Classical? Right now Im leaning more towards a classical one, but what are some characteristics I should look for in either a Classical or an Acoustic, besides feeling good in my hands and the right action?


El Rulfo
you're going to need to know how to play one to know what's good.

nails and technique will dramatically affect tone.
^He is right.

I think you should go for one that feels nice in your hands, and has decent action like you said.
Just go for one that sounds nice to you, with a decent price.

You won't be needing a solid top or anything for your first classical. I'd say go for a lam top that sounds and feels nice.
dude classical guitars are nice but u can also play anythng on a typical acoustic that u can on a classical, not always the other way around though...