so i dont know if anyone else has found him but he is pretty easy to find...he is standing in front of the Sydney Opera House...

you have to turn 3D buildings on and he is holding a croc.

has anyone else found anything cool on google earth
Damn you for getting my hopes up...
I found the firefox logo. I think it's somewhere in Oregon but I don't remember. Just type "firefox" into the adress bar.

Also in a town in England there's a field that says "Eddie ****"
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i dont remember wich map thing it was but on one u see me ether on the tractor or the atv (way back in the day)... another pointless comment by me
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Pop Tarts. Strudels are a Austrian invention; Hitler was also from Austria.
Obviously, Toaster Strudels are the same as Toaster NAZIS.
Post a pic of the steve irwin one.
Call me Wes.
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i dont really say much but i miss steve irwin
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I miss him
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I miss him


Although, I admit, the first thing I thought when I heard was: "****, finally something got him."

Then I found out it was a pissing stingray. I ****ing hate stingrays forever now