Animals fighting
out on the prarie
miles and miles of silence surrounding
a lion and his lioness
that roaring violence
lover's spit
dust in the air
blood on the ground
and if I had those teeth, those claws,
I would release all the anger in the world on you
ripping and howling
balled up and lashing out
backing you into a corner
to strike my death blows
I would stand over your broken body
watch my reflection in your eyes
before the life in you leaves
running from you
through the holes in your throat
where I lost a lover
in the sunset

And when it rains on the flatlands
the dust will be brought down
the blood washed away
I will stare up at the sky
until the water drips through my eyelashes
into my eyes

love is a dog from hell.

I seem to be conflicted when reading your work lately - not in a bad way though.
While I read I seem to think I know how this could be made better, small points, here and there.
But by the time I finish reading I find those points redundant, cause I really like what I read and the overall effect it had on me towers over any feelings for the need for little changes.

I thought once you started using "I" this turned stronger. The part before was a bit unmemorable in a way, not as good as the rest, but that's the nature of a background to a story/point.

I also thought the ending was a bit over-dramatic. The middle was undoubtedly the best and overall I really liked it.

I really enjoy your stuff. I just get it, you know?

This is not a pipe