edit - Thanks for all the comments, I'll post a version 3 when I finish it.

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Its not bad. you did some interesting modifications with the extra time you have due to how damn slow the riff was. It was interesting but way way to slow man. You gotta double that speed. at least. Also take the flange effect off your vocals. you need a concert hall effect on the vocals and a flange on the guitar. Id recomend doing the entire song since your putting this in the radiohead contest. I know you dont have too but... ppl are gonna judge on that.
There's no flange on the vocals, it's a chorus and delay. I'll try it again faster later today.

I'm personally not too keen on the chorus and delay. I always found that vocalists who can't sing (not saying you can't, bare with me,) or unconfident vocalists cover their vocals with effects and distortion.
Just take the effects off and let your voice shine through, whether you think its good or not.
Bob Dylan can't sing, look how far his career's gone.
As for the guitar, I like the half-time feel. I like all the little touches you put in of your own too.
Pretty nice

Crit me?
I uploaded a second attempt, it goes on for 3min but I need to re-record the 2nd verse and fix the 2nd chorus. things i changed:

guitar intro
its much faster
lowered the delay/reverb/chorus on the vocals
my sister sang backup for the chorus (1st, i need to add it to the 2nd chorus also)

is it better?

Your vocals are much better, beautiful stuff man, moving as hell. You've got a great a voice, don't cover it with effects, seriously.
The chorus on your sister's "backup" vocals is extremely distracting though. And they're not very "backup" sounding. Put some reverb on them to make them more distant, and remove the chorus, it makes her sound terribly out of tune, and then it doesnt mesh with your vocals at all.

Guitar's much better. Speeding it up's made the whole thing drag less, not much more to say than that really.

But yeah, the chorus on your sister's vocals needs to go aswell. Street Spirit is a very stark, sparse song. There's a reason there isn't loads of effects on the guitar and vocals in the album version. It's meant to sound up-front and honest.

Generally, effects like chorus sound like **** on vocals anyway. The furthest you should go is delay, reverb and telephone effects, and used sparingly at that.

Much better, overall though.
First your reading the wrong lyrics.

Rows of houses, all bearing down on me
I can feel their, blue hands touchen me
all these things into possition, all these things will one day swallow whole

not take control

you need to remove all effects from your vocals. Its totaly not helping you. also your struggling with holding tone on your fade outs. Work on adding in the vibrato like tom uses on that.

and you need the cracked eggs dead birds verse. the guitar is extremly tricky to sing and play for that but it changes the dynamics of the song and makes it a major reason the song is amazing.

i know im being sorta harse but this is a really tough song and it deserves justice. keep it up