I currently have a really REALLY old BOSS processor, the GT-3.
Yeah, I know they updated to GT-10,
but what pisses me off the most about GT-3 is that, it has really short delay (Only up to 400ms.)
And Delay is a really important feature of my sound.
Not only the delay, but the drives don't make much of a good sound either.
So right now, I'm looking for a reasonable priced processor that has nice, warm drives and delay thats AT LEAST longer than 700ms. Preferably 800ms.

I was wondering if the BOSS GT-8, L6 Pod X3 Live, or L6 Pod XT live met these requirements.

Thanks, a lot.

By the way,
the type of drives I'm looking for is a nice drive for the rhythm guitarist..
Or maybe a lead for alternative rock, or Christian rock. (Switchfoot, Hillsong United, Angels & Airwaves *not really*, Desperation, etc.)
Thanks again.
I just got a GT8 and I love it. If you want good or long delays, this will do it. Up to 1800ms. Single, Analog, Stereo, Duel series, Duel parallel, Duel L/R, Reverse, Pan, Tape, Warp, Modulate and Hold! And they are all real good if you fine tune them. You also have a sub delay under FX2, that will add a second delay in your FX chain up to 400ms.

You can also adjust Delay time, Tap tempo, Feedback, High cut filter, Warp, Rate, Depth, Effect level and Direct level.

You can set the expression pedal to control any parameter of anything as well. You can alter your feedback or delay time. Thats what I like the most. I have mine set to vary the effect level and shut delay off when I am toe up. Delay will come on and start increasing to and from whatever specs I give it, when I rock it forward.

Another thing is dynamic switching. If you pick softer or roll your volume back a little you can change or blend the delay.

Thats about it. Boss rules!
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Sounds crazy and amaaazzing...
Thanks for the info,
This pedal sure sounds right for me!

How're the overdrives/distortions?
Does it work great for alternatives, rock, etc?
I would say yes. There is like 30 Dst/Od's and 3 custom ones, you will find some sound like others and some are good some you wont use, but they are all so tweekable you will get some good sounds from this thing.

I don't know what you have for a amp, but I was a little nervous getting this because I didn't want to lose any of my amps sound. Whatever tone you lose by using this, you can get right back with adjustment. So after you set it up there is no noticeable tone loss. I told myself I would be using it as a MFX pedal, and I would use my amps distortion (which I love) but I find myself coming across great sounds using the Od's and Dst on my amps clean channel, or just bypassing my preamp and using some of the sims.

There is just to much on this thing to not be worth the price.
I sold my analog delay pedal after getting the GT-8. What stinks is the only way to try it is to buy it and return it if you are not happy. There is not enough time in the store to try it there before you buy.